1. A small new plant from a seed

2. Fruit used for pies and Halloween; mostly orange but can be yellow or white

3. Colorful and fragrant bloom or blossom

4. Mrs. Feeny frightened the kids when she chased them.

5. Where flowers and vegetables grow

6. Decayed or decomposed grass, garden clippings, sometimes manure; makes the soil better

7. Plants that usually live for more than a year or two

8. Tool with long handle and flat blade for tilling a garden

9. A vegetable that grows on a vine, a squash; a “cousin” of the pumpkin


1. Usually a tall flower with yellow petals around the edge and edible seeds in the middle

2. A plant that lives for one season; often dies with first frost

3. A climbing vegetable plant that grows pods with many tiny green balls inside

4. Natural fluid gardeners use to keep soil around plants moist; plants die without it (so do people and animals)

5. The area around a house covered with grass; needs to be mowed; uses lots of water

6. Squiggly underground parts of plant that take in food and water

7. Tool with long handle and prongs used to gather leaves or spread soil, mulch, and compost

8. A plant whose flavorful leaves are used in cooking to season food

9. To decay or to break down; a process that makes compost 

10. Small woodchips used for a pathway to walk on or around plants so water stays in and weeds stay out

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Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang

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