It’s easy and fun to garden for habitat. That means you make your yard inviting to birds, bees, butterflies, bugs and other creatures. All it takes is water, food, shelter, and a place for the critters to nurture their kids.

     Grow flowers with plenty of seeds and nectar--tubular blooms for hummers and landing pads for butterflies. Plant shrubs and trees that produce berries and nuts and that provide windbreaks for butterflies. Have a couple of birdbaths with clean water. 

     If your yard is “in balance,” the good guys will take care of the bad guys, and you will not need toxic sprays and poisons. With a camera and patience, you can take photos and enjoy the creature-activities. [Most of the critters you see below are garden-friendly. However, some are not—like deer and wild turkeys munching away on your prize roses or vegetables. But remember, we make our gardens so lush and inviting, of course they want to come in!]

Habitat . . . for Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Bugs

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