Trash to Treasures

            (Recycling and Re-use)

      I don’t live here now, but my potting shed stood as a monument to recycling. My bumper sticker ought to read, “I brake for junk!”  Lumber. Hubcaps. Ladders. You name it! My husband sees these for what they are – trash.  I see them for all they can be – a garden bench, a bird feeder, a trellis. Besides, I believe in recycling, I say, as he rolls his eyes. (Doesn’t that justify it just a little?)

      People actually throw away perfectly usable materials, like bricks and picket fencing.  Oh, the need I have in my garden for such goodies! The bricks became the floor of my potting shed and a pathway leading around the side, and the picket fencing was transformed into a gate across a small deck to keep the pygmy goats out and the dogs in. The potting shed itself was constructed using 14 reclaimed windows and two doors, B-grade dog-ear redwood fencing bargained for from a local building supplier’s “bone yard”, and the unwanted bricks from three friends’ back yards.

      Give me “pre-owned” goods with chips and chinks, nicks and notches, faults and flaws. Character, that’s what it’s all about! Just how much character is there in a chain link

gate?With some old found corral fencing

cut to gate-size, screwed together, a

handsome antique window inserted in the

middle, and the whole thing hinged onto the

corner of the house near the Altissimo

roses – now that’s character. So far, I’ve

replaced three chain link gates with my own

wood creations, one more to go. Until I come

up with a new design, I’ve camouflaged that

remaining gate by hanging another old window on it! Continue reading this article at More Trash.


About Sandy Baker

   Writing, reading, gardening, and crafting. Together, these make for a satisfying life in a small city in Northern California. (I gave up horseback riding and gymkhana competition some years ago.)

    I write short stories for kids and poetry for teens and have been working on the sequel to The Tehran Triangle since late 2012.

    For many years, I worked for a university where I sought donations for scholarships and engineering equipment. And way before that, I taught English to Army GIs stationed in Germany. Later, I was a newspaper reporter and columnist.

    Words, words, words— always part of my life, whether writing, speaking, teaching, or seeking donations. Today, the words still flow, perhaps more rapidly and more creatively than ever.

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